Experience Redesign

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A web-based platform that lets artists, producers and audio-technicians collaborate remotely during the music creation process. 



Design Team: Bianca High, Kaila Quesada, Jordan Moravi (me)

Time Frame: Three Weeks  

Deliverable: High Fidelity Clickable Prototype



UX Designer & Researcher



Help Waaves deepen its understanding of user needs and behavior and increase adoption, retention, and use-rates.



You're probably still scratching your head about what Waaves actually is and how it works. Long story short - it's a website that lets users share the screen and sound coming from one side's digital audio workspace software (what they use to record and create music) to the other's computer. This lets users give each other real-time feedback on their work and even record each other remotely.    

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Why does Waaves need our help?


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To understand what exactly kept sign-ups from converting to users - robust user testing was conducted on Wavves' current beta platform in attempt to recognize the most pressing underlying issues people experienced with the product. 


“Cool idea but currently unusable.” – IVAN


“Before I signed up I didn't get the difference between this and SoundCloud.” – FREDDIE


“Is this a website for a spa or something?” - JULIE



After understanding just how dire the situation was, the group wanted to "start fresh" and began by researching how people record and produce digital music these days.

Next, 12-user interviews and a 72-respondent survey were conducted asking musicians, producers and audio technichians about their needs and pain-points when engaging in remote and face-to-face musical collaboration. 

“...Face-to-face collaboration is definitely the most authentic.” – DOR

Q: What are some of the pain-points people find most frustrating when collaborating remotely? 

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Diving into Waaves’ competitors to understand what value it brings compared to others. 

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Distilling all of the information that was gathered from collaborators and delving deeper into their needs and pain-points.



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Promoting collaborative interaction and enabling sharing of information, skills, and resources.

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Reducing the barriers and stress associated with remote collaboration and mimic the conditions needed for users to experience genuine human interaction.

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Helping users communicate with fellow collaborators more effectively.

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Diminishing learnability and usability issues with the platform.



Informed by the research and multiple rounds of user testing and reiteration - every interface, including the product's core features were redesigned. 

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The redesigned platform that lets users more effectively collaborate and create music remotely.



  • Simplified collab-room menu
  • Streamlined audio and screen share set-up                      
  • Revised DropBox integration file hosting interface      
  • Easier, faster and more wholesome onboarding process
  • Redesigned, more descriptive landing page with bold calls to action                         

New Features  

  • Video chat function       
  • Task creator notepad              
  • Unique link for quick access to the collaboration room
  • Hover labeling for key features



The reimagined version of the platform provides a more usable product and a more accessible, well-rounded experience of which communication is a core function. Additionally, the revised solution also lets the free, beta-stage service transition to a subscription-based Waaves 1.0. 





Waaves 2.0 - Adding Social Aspects and Additional Features



Social Network for Musicians                                                     Other

  • Virtual Whiteboard function allowing users to draw notes or highlight different elements on the DAW view.
  • Hovering notification bubble over the DAW itself notifying the DAW user about incoming messages and occurrences
  • Connecting musicians, producers and technicians from around the globe. Creating a platform for users to find one another and create together.  

The purpose of the prospective additions is to further enhance communication and tackle needs expressed by users during research wanting to connect with other, complementary talent to work with.