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Experience Redesign

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A holistically-crafted suite of features, services and digital interfaces aimed at facilitating the unique needs of young professionals traveling for business.



Design Team: Kaila Quesada, Mark Pragides, Jordan Moravi (me)

Time Frame: Two Weeks  

Deliverable: Prototype & High Fidelity Mockups


UX Designer & Researcher



Help the chain find new ways for their guests to easily connect with one another, and for catering to young business travelers in addition to their current clientele.




In order to see what motivates people when choosing lodging options for a business trip - 20 user interviews and a 35-respondent survey were conducted asking people about their needs and experiences. 

Q: So what criteria do people consider when choosing a place to stay during a business trip?

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Turns out, contrary to corporate assumption - Even though we might be dealing with those "rowdy millennials" again  

(wait for it...)

most subjects actually reported not being particularly keen on socializing after their average day on a business trip.

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Smell a pivot? Yeah... But wait, maybe we should first check how other hotels are going about it...



Diving into Moxy's competitors to see how they stack up against them and their offerings. 

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Distilling the all of the information that was gathered from travelers and delving deeper into their needs and pain points.

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Three personas were created according to insights and research in order to better understand areas of opportunity.

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I like to be in my own world because traveling is so dynamic.
— Kim
I would rather do my own research when searching for restaurants and activities because people are generally bad at estimating my needs and desires.
— Steven
When I’m traveling, my routine gets thrown off, which is really stressful. Hotels aren’t designed for people to be self-sufficient.
— Lauren


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Providing users with local and authentic experiences not typically associated with corporate, “stuffy business hotels”.

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Increasing the trust between users and hotel resources, particularly when searching for local restaurants, bars, activities.

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Providing social opportunities for visitors that are actively searching for them.

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Bridging the disconnect between Moxy’s physical spaces and the online experience.




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After all the fuss, two separate solutions were created, each answering a different set of problems.

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A set of features geared towards young business travelers that include:


Communal Work Area

  • Office amenities • High-speed wifi

  • Video conference room • Individual & communal

  • Work tables work settings

Business Room  

  • Sound-proof walls • Amenity room service

  • Work desk • Quick-grab food options

  • Whiteboard


Moxy Business aims to create a more customized experience while enhancing feelings of comfort and control.


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A web and service-based experience providing guests with social opportunities and connecting them with local activities and cuisine.


Tangible experience 

  • Group outings with other hotel visitors

  • Integration of local elements and specialty goods in hotel design and space

Web Platform

  • Local dining recommendations made by locals

  • Discounted meal offerings for local restaurants

  • Ability to RSVP to Moxy-related events/outings/activities


Moxy local answers travelers' desire for local, authentic experiences, their wish to feel valued for choosing to stay at the hotel and the need for consistency in experience throughout their virtual and physical journey with the brand.

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