b. 1986, HK.

I am

a human being, thinker, problem solver, and Designer currently living in Chicago, Illinois.  

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skills :

Contextual Inquiry
Competitive Analysis
Rapid Prototyping
Persona Building
Usability Testing
Affinity Mapping
User Research Surveys
User Interviews HTML/CSS

I love crafting new and meaningful experiences through the design of interactive products. 

Growing up between Hyde Park Neighborhood in Chicago and the suburbs of Tel-Aviv, I was raised by a mother engaged in architecture and art, and a father committed to the world of medical research. This environment had me constantly immersed in an atmosphere of creativity and problem solving. I often found myself fascinated by the areas between the meaningful, the technical, and the creative - not willing to exclusively confine myself to either. I love asking questions, creating, and exploring the intricate ambiguity of the world around me.

During my free time, I like listening to or playing different forms of music, exploring nature, creating stuff, or just eating a good heartwarming meal.